Trouble at Fox News? Network May Be Ready to Dump One of Its Most High-Profile Hosts

Mar 7, 2011  •  Post A Comment

Fox News officials are reportedly considering not renewing the contract of one of the network’s most popular hosts when it comes up in December, according to The New York Times’ David Carr.

The report says the network is "contemplating life without Mr. Beck," referring to host Glenn Beck.

The story notes that Beck has lost more than one-third of his audience on Fox since last August, when he organized the Washington, D.C.-based "Restoring Honor" rally. While it may seem to viewers that Beck and Fox News are a pair made in heaven, "sniping" started between Fox News executives and Beck’s team soon after he joined the network in 2009, the story notes.

The article adds that unnamed people who work for Beck note that "he could live without Fox News," pointing to his best-selling books, top ratings on his talk radio show and a growing website called The Blaze. It’s possible, though, that the partnership may be fixed rather than be cast over, the article adds.

Carr writes that what may not be able to be fixed is Beck’s "serial doomsday machine that’s a bummer to watch." Joel Cheatwood, the Fox News executive in charge of the show, says that he talks with Beck about keeping the show upbeat. Nevertheless, Carr writes that Beck "acts like he’s a little tired of the game. He can still draw a huge crowd, but he looks lonely in that studio all by himself."



  1. Glenn Beck is a circus act and fuels the argument that Fox is a crazy right-wing network. With another Presidential election year coming, his salary could be “invested” in the news operation where Fox has proven itself to be a contender.

  2. Beck never should have been put on at 5 pm. A better move would be to flip his show into Greta’s 10 pm slot, moving her to 5 pm. Bet he’d get better numbers.

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