Hero Pilot Joins CBS News

May 20, 2011  •  Post A Comment

An airline pilot who became a national hero when he helped avert an air disaster two years ago is now part of CBS News, reports the Los Angeles Times’ Show Tracker blog.

Capt. Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger was declared a hero for his 2009 landing of a stricken Airbus in New York’s Hudson River, which prevented what could have been a deadly disaster. Sullenberger will provide analysis of aviation safety and contribute to CBS News broadcasts and platforms.

"He is a remarkable person who has a great ability to turn his significant experience into useful insights. He will help our viewers better understand the stories involving safety and air travel that seem to pop up all of the time," said CBS News Chairman and "60 Minutes" executive producer Jeff Fager.

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  1. I don’t get why everyone wants to call him a hero. He was just doing his job and he did it properly. I’m a nurse and I’ve had people code every single day. I save lives and over my 20 years of nursing I’ve saved hundreds of lives by now. Do I consider myself a hero? No. Just doing the J-O-B, just like the pilot.

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