Networks May Go Dark in Dispute Between DirecTV and News Corp.

Oct 21, 2011  •  Post A Comment

About two dozen cable networks owned by News Corp. may go dark Nov. 1 across satellite-TV provider DirecTV amid a dispute over distribution terms, reports the Los Angeles Times’ Company Town blog.

DirecTV said News Corp. wants a 40% increase in subscriber fees for the networks, which include FX, the National Geographic Channel and 19 regional sports networks, the story notes.

"We already provide News Corp. nearly a billion dollars a year for their channels, and we have no problem continuing to compensate them fairly," DirecTV said in a statement, calling the deal offered by News Corp. "unfair."

A representative for Fox Networks called the 40% claim "ridiculous" and said it has offered to allow DirecTV to continue to carry the networks at their current rate while the companies work on a new contract, the piece adds.


  1. DIRECTV needs to rethink there game plain before deciding to take down Fox they offer all the best TV shows and they offer them on cable Networks lower tier packages most of the time. Between Sunday night programs on Fox and house I would not be willing to give up Fox and if I were a DIRECTV customer I would be calling and asking some serious questions. I work for DISH Network and I can tell you Fox carries sport channels for customer’s regional networks and I think it would be some serious thinking before the next sport season.

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