Another Advertiser Pulls Out of ‘All-American Muslim’ — and Slams the Show

Dec 14, 2011  •  Post A Comment

In the midst of a growing controversy over the TLC reality show “All-American Muslim,” another advertiser is reportedly following the lead of Lowe’s Home Improvement and pulling its ads from the show, the New York Daily News reports.

The advertiser is Kayak.com, a travel website. The moves by both Kayak and Lowe’s came after a conservative Christian group, the Florida Family Association, launched a protest of the show, as previously reported. The group has since had its website hacked in apparent retaliation and has received a flood of threats.

The Los Angeles Times reported that Kayak.com apologized to its customers today for its handling of the situation and its decision to pull its ads from the show. But a Kayak exec told the paper that the network “was not upfront with us about the nature of this show.” The Times reported that the executive also said, “Mostly, I just thought the show sucked.”

Lawmakers and celebrities have become involved in the controversy, with House Rep. Keith Ellison issuing a statement blasting Lowe’s for opting “to uphold the beliefs of a fringe hate group,” the Daily News story reports.

The piece adds: “Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons called [Lowe’s] Islamophobic. ‘This can’t happen in America; (Lowe’s) needs to fix this immediately,’ he told Entertainment Weekly. ‘They can’t get away with that, it’s ridiculous. There are American principles at stake here.’”

The Florida Family Association has claimed that 65 companies have pulled their ads from the show, but the Daily News story notes that these claims do not appear to check out.


  1. Thanks for letting us know which group and corporations are behind this un-American behavior.
    It’s only a matter of time before this very un-Christian group tries to reinstate “whites only” drinking fountains.

  2. What an uninformed comment. This is not un-American behavior. This is the American capitalistic system at work. Advertisers pull out of shows every day. Lowes may not have handled this in a very intelligent way but they have the right to spend their advertising money how they want. For Russell Simmons to say, “they need to fix this immediately” is ludicrous. He wants to tell Lowes how to spend their money. What next? Will he tell other companies how to spend their money. Whether you like Lowe’s decision or not, it was a business decision. This is the American capitalistic system at work. If you don’t like what they did, write to them and tell them what you think. If enough people contact them they might might reconsider. And if they do reconsider, this again will be the American capitalistic system at work.

  3. Your stupidity is only equaled by your specious, reactionary comments. The show is bad–and advertisers have every right in this country to put their advertising dollars where they please. This ain’t Russia, jerkoff.

  4. Definitely shopping at Lowe’s this weekend.

  5. I am so sick of these type of Christian Churchs! They make me ill, but I wouldn’t want their tv show, if they have one, removed from the air, I just wouldn’t watch it! This group is entitled to their opinion, but that’s no reason for Lowe’s to pull its ad…these “holy rollers” just make me sick…I’m Catholic, bet they don’t like that either!

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