Nicki Minaj Storms Off Set of ‘Idol’

Jan 24, 2013  •  Post A Comment

"American Idol" judge Nicki Minaj stormed off the set Wednesday, with the strained relationship between Minaj and fellow judge Mariah Carey worsening, People.com reports.

Production had to shut down for a while, the story says. The disagreement was over the judges’ different styles of critique, which bubbled to the surface in Charlotte, N.C., after a performance by 20-year-old competitor Summer Cunningham, the story says.

"Why are we picking her apart?" Minaj asked Carey, who had questioned whether Cunningham’s voice was suited for country music, the story says.

"Really? Is that what I did?" Carey said. "We’re trying to help her as opposed to just talk about her outfit."

"Oh, you’re right. I’m sorry I can’t help her. Maybe I should just get off the [BLEEP] panel," Minaj said. She then walked off the panel.

Carey reportedly commented on Minaj’s sudden exit: "I was going to do that the next time she ragged on me."

The story adds: “Even without the histrionics, Minaj proved to be the most entertaining of the judges. Between her ongoing habit of assigning nicknames to all the contestants — she dubbed singers everything from ‘collard greens’ to ‘Jumanji’ — Minaj also managed to ask hilariously bizarre questions (‘Have you ever lived in Tokyo?’) and put new and sometimes creepy twists on her positive critiques. ‘I want to skin you and wear you,’ she told one girl she was particularly fond of.”


  1. Nicki is turning American Ido into a joke! I thought it was a show about singing, not what they wear or what their nickname should be. I think she might be a paid plant by “The Voice”

  2. I don’t often agree with flip comments like this, but in fact, the word “joke” is accurate. This used to be an entertaining and sometimes even inspiring show about rising singers and mentors.
    Minaj has singlehandedly destroyed the franchise by giving us a textbook lesson in how to jump the shark and just keep on jumping. It’s painful, it’s disgusting and all because of her immature histrionics. What is this teaching the next generation of singers?
    I was a fan for almost 10 years. I’ll never watch again and clearly I’m not alone.

  3. The ratings show that people agree this show has jumped the shark numerous times.

  4. I never liked this show. I’ll freely admit that I’m not a fan of the reality / talent search genre but I recognize its place in the overall TV landscape. But this has always been about the judges, not the talent. Before this it was always about Simon’s nasty quips & the friction between him and an either drunk or over-medicated Paula Abdul, then the talent they could get to come on and give the show a little class, trying to make it more than the dressed up ‘Talent Sprouts’ it actually is. Don’t pretend to be shocked now that it’s gone completely over the top after they hired Mariah Carey, well known for her diva behavior and Minaj, a performer who makes Lady Gaga look like shy & reserved. The fact that this show has managed to find some real talent in spite of itself is the amazing thing. Jennifer Hudson made a statement today that she thinks the show should end. What does it say when a runner up from the show is possibly the most successful alumni & makes more news saying the show should be killed than a current panelist with a wig made of cotton candy storming off the set?
    Kill it. Kill it NOW.

  5. You guys do know this happened last year, right?

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