Paula Deen’s Business Empire Continues to Crumble

Jun 25, 2013  •  Post A Comment

The business empire built up by polarizing TV chef Paula Deen continues to crumble as the scandal over her use of the N-word takes its toll. In the latest development, QVC says it is reviewing its business relationship with the television chef, reports Deadline.com.

As previously reported, Smithfield Foods severed its ties with Deen after she said in a court deposition that she had used racial epithets. Deen was fired late last week by Food Network, where she was one of its biggest stars.

Deadline notes, "It increasingly looks that, if the celebrity chef wants to save her multimillion-dollar licensing and endorsement empire, she needs to do it on NBC’s ‘Today’ show this Wednesday."

Deen abruptly canceled an appearance on "Today" last week as the scandal was brewing, apparently angering Matt Lauer and other “Today” personalities. But Deen rescheduled yesterday and is expected to address the controversy on Wednesday morning’s show.

The television chef booked about $9.9 million in 2010 from speaking engagements, licensing agreements, television and other deals, the story notes.

Deen has released a number of videos apologizing over the incident. Here’s one that surfaced a few days ago:


  1. I wouldn’t worry too much Paula. Smithfield is now Chinese and Matt cant ride a freakin’ bike! No big loss there. Opportunity shall knock ten-fold!

  2. She is in her 60’s, she has a few million, and she has a successful restaurant. She needs to pull the plug on herself and go back to Savannah and run the shop she built her empire on. No one would hold that against her.
    I have never understood why people who have it “all” want more? Especially when you are in the twilight years.

  3. Can we be honest for a millisecond here and determine how many now 60+ year olds can look back on their lives and have nothing “embarrassing” show on the RADAR from 30 years ago?
    Paula’s just being railroaded by the PC police.
    Imagine if Smithfield were to demand a list of say Chinese officials at their new prospective parent company who disagreed with their Government’s policies in 1986, let alone today.

  4. You’re right Bill. Ain’t none of us pure. But when a company sells to the Chinese in this day and age, they KNOW they are turning the clock back on slavery which is far worse than anything Paula or anyone else could say. Smithfield should be the last to throw a stone in that glass house.

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