Why Are ‘NCIS’ Fans Begging Producers Not to Bring Back Jamie Lee Curtis?

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Now that Cote de Pablo is leaving the CBS drama series "NCIS," fans are begging producers not to replace her with Jamie Lee Curtis, as much of the show’s fan base has a dislike of the actress, reports the Los Angeles Times’ Show Tracker.

A recent appearance by Curtis helped boost ratings, and producers added to her appearances as Dr. Samantha Ryan, a love interest for Gibbs, played by Mark Harmon. But now fans are worried CBS will bring her back to help viewership for the show’s 11th season.

Hiring Curtis to replace de Pablo "would be the stake in the heart of this show," one commenter wrote Wednesday, the story notes.

"What’s so bad about Curtis?" the story asks. "According to her many detractors, it all boils down to chemistry. As in, she didn’t have any with Harmon."

One online commenter described as a longtime "NCIS" watcher got more specific about the objection to Curtis, writing: "Gibbs is supposed to be able to ‘read’ people, and to know whether they are trustworthy. Ryan is one of the *least* trustworthy characters this show has ever had. There is no reason why Gibbs would allow himself to get close to someone like her."

The Times piece adds: "The haters aren’t just being paranoid. Curtis herself said she’d ‘obviously love to’ be a regular on the show if the writers could work it all out."

CBS confirmed this week that de Pablo, who played Ziva David for eight seasons on the show, won’t be back for season 11, as previously reported.


Jamie Lee Curtis


  1. Don’t get me wrong; I love Jamie Lee Curtis, but as a real fan of NCIS, I can’t see her replacing Cote on the show and I doubt that will happen. It seems to me that her character was meant to be a short arc with the ability to pop into an episode now and then.

  2. As a show gets older, the cost of its cast does as well and so shows quite often will drop a long time cast member and replace them with somebody less known to save money on all the raises for other cast.
    I suspect this was the case with Cote so I doubt they’d bring in a bigger name like Jamie Lee that would increase costs instead of decreasing them.

  3. It’s a great show, but Scott hit the nail on the head as to why Ms. Curtis doesn’t fit. It’s time to get a love interest for Tony D.

  4. I love Jamie Lee Curtis too but she and Gibbs do not have the chemistry to pull this off.

    • Hi my name is Christopher Thomas waite and Jamie lee Curtis role in Halloween movies is Laura stroud and Can you please name her character name Laura stroud on ncis thanks

  5. I am also a long-standing fan of NCIS, and I agree with those who didn’t “feel the love” between Curtis and Harmon. There just wasn’t chemistry, and that does not detract from their acting skills (I like them both), but it’s either there or it’s not (Streep and Eastwood? Now THAT was chemistry!).
    I’m bummed de Pablo is leaving the show (walking away from the #1 show on television? Something’s up with that), but I’m glad her character will have an exit. My guess … she will go back to Israel and replace her father.
    Ziva David will be tough to replace, and that is all due to Cote de Pablo (and good writing). Tony will go into mourning, and Abby, oh my goodness! Can’t even go there.

  6. I wholeheartedly agree; Curtis would be HORRIBLE for this show.
    Frankly, if they ever needed to bring in a love interest for Gibbs, I’d still like to see him spend time with Diane Neal’s CGIS special agent Abigail Boren.…

  7. Jamie Lee Curtis had ruined the episodes she appeared on, and it made me cringe watching her on this show. As many have said before, there is no chemistry between herself and Gibbs, and it appears to me that she is trying way too hard to make her role on the show more prominent than it should have been. It got annoying very quickly- her desire or need to get “inside your head”. Not just with Gibbs, but everyone. I’m glad she left the show when Dearing influenced the judge to release her ex from prison, and I’m really hoping she will never appear on NCIS again- and definitely not to replace Ziva. Someone I would like to see come back though is Allison Hart. Somehow recruit her back into the storyline please!

  8. For those who think that there was NO chemistry between Gibbs & Ryan (Jamie Lee Curtis)….you obviously didn’t get it! Because of their characters, the chemistry was quite subtle and quite sexy….so grow up….not everything has to be nude to be hot.

    • I so agree! The grown up chemistry was absolutely there!

    • Nothing to do with age or nudity, they just don’t have chemistry.

      It’s also unrealistic for someone with Gibbs’ trust issues to embark on a relationship with someone so inherently untrustworthy – it was bizarre in the extreme that they tried to put those two characters together.

      I’m a big fan of JLC, have been for decades, but Sam Ryan was a disaster of a character.

    • I totally agree Paula. There is chemistry between Gibbs and Ryan and I would love to see Jaime Lee Curtis back.

  9. To each their own. I loved Jamie Lee Curtis on NCIS. I would love to see her back even if she dosent replace ziva. She my all time fav actor. Seen everyone of her movies. I think her and Gibbs have great cemestry

  10. Jamie Lee Curtis and Mark Harmon showed ZERO chemistry in their episodes together. I think she is a terrible choice as a love interest for Gibbs and I was happy to see her go. I would not like to see her character return! I think the person that had the best chemistry with Gibbs was Hollis Mann played by Susanna Thompson. I was sorry to see that story line end.

  11. I don’t know if it would be feasible or affordable but what about Rene Russo as an expat spy/romantic interest for Gibbs? She could certainly pull off being an Interpol agent.
    I think the chemistry between her and Gibbs would be over the top.
    She hasn’t had a starring role in a movie in a long time. She still looks great – she’s much more Gibbs’s type than Jamie Lee Curtis.
    This is her in the upcoming Thor: The Dark World
    They cut her role in the first Thor film down to nothing. Maybe she’s open to starring in TV’s #1 show.
    Is this totally out in left field?



  14. I’m watching reruns of the Jamie Lee Curtis episodes and remembering how much I liked them, and how much I DID find that she and Gibbs have chemistry. Maybe it is an age thing (I’m older). He needs someone whom he can’t always read, who pushes back a little, who is as bright and intuitive as he is. I don’t see her as a substitute for Cote doing field work, but love her as someone who pops in and out with psych help. I’d like to see her do that more often.

    • Well said Kims. I agree!!

  15. I agree about the CGIS Abbey. She and Mark Harmon did have chemistry. It’d be nice if they could have more shows with her.

  16. What about using Catherine Bell (Mac) from the series JAG as Zeva’s replacement?

  17. Can’t stand Jamie Lee Curtis. Hope she does not come back on the show.

  18. Borin and Gibbs NO NO NO!!!!!!!

  19. Jamie and mark were good together. I agree she shouldn’t replace Ziva but bring her back. Myself, I don’t care for the replacement that they did get.

  20. i loved Jamie & Gibbs together. Chemistry, yes you could just see it between them. Would love to have her back, not to replace anyone but to be that love interest.
    I like the girl they got to replace Ziva. She’s a keeper. Catherine Bell, no way! Just not a good mix.

  21. I am not impressed with the replacement for Ziva how about asking Nia Peebles I think she would be awesome.

  22. All Big NCIS fans in this house but last weeks cliff hanger almost too much! Please tell me they wrote him in a vest… Surely !!?!! Don’t want to watch without LJG ! 🙂

  23. my favorite show is getting boring. Hated Jamie Lee Curtis and don’t care for the Ziva replacement. I hope the next season is better, maybe someone new for the cast that clicks. I think they’ve reached their peak, self imposed by writing out Lauren Holley as the director and Cote as Ziva. Also, The while Tim/Delihla is stretching out waaaaaay to much. Hope next season gets back to the winning combination it was.

  24. I agree that JLC would have been a bad fit for the show. The new girl is ok but lacks the ‘drama’ of Ziva. I’m not a fan of the

    However, I have to agree with whoever said that Hollis Mann (Susanna Thompson) was the best fit for Gibbs. I know, most recently, her character is married to someone else, but they made such a good couple – both personally and professionally! If her character ends up widowed I would love to see her back with Gibbs!

    • Forgot to complete my thought above:

      I’m not a fan of the personality type they have her portraying – it doesn’t suit the actress very well.

  25. Jamie Lee made an outstanding addition to NCIS and her and Gibbs were an incredible pair. She matched him intellectually, pushed him, and made him step out of the box. She fits much better with him than his other exs and had anyone bothered to pay attention, he cared about her. It was obvious before she left and they should have kept her. She wouldnt replace ziva but as his gf she should stay and bring her in on more cases. She brings out a good side to Gibbs.

  26. i love her in this series, keep her as a regular.

  27. leon Vance character brings nothing to the show, shows that include him are below par and a pain to watch.

  28. I’m a fan of NCIS and I liked Cote and Jamie Lee Curtis I wish you would bring them both back to the show.

  29. Jamie Lee Curtis was terrible. I miss Ziva. I agree about Renee Russo or what about the actress who used to be on CSI New York but left in Season 6. She was terrific. Hiring these super young blond agents is so unrealistic.

  30. Does the left-wing propaganda realize that this is make believe unless they want to brain-wash the uneducated..Please Hollywood you should understand that most of us don’t care about you or and your self-important lives..PLEASE remember you read lines from a script and you aren’t that smart..STOP kidding yourself..

  31. The only other time I want to see JLC on NCIS is on Ducky’s table!! What a joke! Please tell me the episode I just sat through was a rerun!

  32. Myself, I’d rather see a relationship propagated between Leslie Ann Hope’s character and Gibbs. She has a lot more commanding character than does Jamie Lee Curtis and she’s available.

  33. Any chemistry Gibbs has with any other actress it is NEVER ROMANTIC……Abby…Ziva….that’s about it…and I guess it’s the actresses that help HIM with the chemistry

  34. Catherine Bell would be a perfect fit for NCIS, she’s a lady with class!
    Loved her in JAG, she is not a show off like J L C😝😝

  35. Found this site whilst questioning why watching stuffed up( smoker? ) Jamie Lee Curtis’ school marm bossy, brittle and o so irritating, chafing brillo pad treatment toward corduroy clad ” wanna beer? ” school boy charmer Mark made NCIS feel off beam.. No sensual connection attempt from her save that dramatically cheap red satin floosy top she wore to attempt a tad forgiveness after their sparring over intel and an ineffectual bargain ” take all I can get ” snuggle on the couch.

  36. Kate was great on the show and Zeva is even better!! Jamie Lee Curtiss is a pain in the ass that makes me pass up the episodes she is in. Her stupid haircuts make her look like a Woodpecker!
    I never liked her in her young screaming scary movies! I hated her in True Lies and she is dragging down NCIS. With all Gibb’s good looking redhead ex’s there is no way he should be interested in her.

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