ABC Commandeers TV Guide’s Aug. 25 Issue

Aug 18, 2008  •  Post A Comment

ABC is enlisting TV Guide in its fall marketing plans, inking a deal to serve as the sole sponsor of the magazine’s Aug. 25 issue.
The network has bought 21 pages of advertising in the issue, marking the first time in TV Guide’s 55-year history that a single advertiser will sponsor an issue. In addition to the ad pages, a DVD featuring previews of ABC’s fall programming will be bundled with issues sold on newsstands and delivered to subscribers in Los Angeles and New York.
ABC will hype programming from multiple divisions of the company, including prime time, news, daytime, late night and ABC.com. All the ads will be tied to ABC’s “Start Here” brand campaign.


  1. If TV Guide were actually relevant anymore maybe we’d care. A combination of News Corp’s inept management, the popularization of the web and the increase in the number of channels killed it years ago.

  2. Great. For one week, we get a break from all the stupid Franklin Mint products which seem to take up most of the ad space. Now if the magazine would improve (and would learn how not to spoil the season premieres like they did in this special issues), plus expand the listings beyond primetime, we’d be all set.
    I will not renew in October…I barely read it enough to care anymore, and thankfully I got an online deal where it’s only $8 a year for me.

  3. I am bummed that they took away the soap opera plot summaries from their soap column…

  4. What about the rest of us subscribers? TV Guide has been giving us the shaft for years with inserts like the DVD not going to home subscribers (unless, of course, we are in NY or LA this time).

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