Fishburne Signs on to ‘CSI’

Aug 18, 2008  •  Post A Comment

CBS has closed a deal for Laurence Fishburne (“The Matrix”) to join the cast of its top-rated series “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.”
Mr. Fishburne will make his first appearance on the show during the ninth episode of the show’s season, which likely will air in November.
CBS said Mr. Fishburne will play an ex-pathologist now working as a college criminalistics professor who focuses on why people turn to violence. He ends up consulting on a murder investigation and gets lured into joining the “CSI” team full-time.
Mr. Fishburne replaces longtime “CSI” star William Petersen, who’s leaving the show this season. Mr. Petersen remains an executive producer on the series.


  1. FYI

  2. This should be a great addition to the cast. Looking forward to the new season.

  3. Losing Peterson dooms the show no matter who they would get!

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