Telemundo, Chevrolet in Product-Integration Deal

Oct 22, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Telemundo is teaming with Chevrolet for a concept-integration partnership involving the prime-time telenovela “El Rostro de Analia.”
Telemundo will incorporate Chevrolet into the opening credits of the show, which airs each weeknight. Additionally, the Chevy Malibu will be closely tied to the character Isabel in the telenovela.
“Telemundo offers our partners the unique opportunity to fully integrate in originally developed novela content that will air during broadcast prime time as well as digitally on our Web site,” Jacqueline Hernández, COO of Telemundo, said in a statement. “For the first time ever in Spanish-language TV, we are integrating a brand and product into our opening credits. Every night, five nights a week during prime time, the Chevy Malibu will have a strong presence on Telemundo’s new 9 p.m. novela, ‘Rostro de Analia.’”


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