ABC News Makes Washington Correspondent Appointments

Nov 5, 2008  •  Post A Comment

ABC News has appointed Jake Tapper as senior White House correspondent, Martha Raddatz as senior foreign affairs correspondent and Jonathan Karl as senior congressional correspondent.
All three correspondents will take on their new assignments effective immediately.
Mr. Tapper, who joined ABC News in 2003, was previously ABC’s senior national and political correspondent. He also has substituted as an anchor on “Nightline” and “This Week With George Stephanopoulos.”
Ms. Raddatz has been ABC News’ chief White House correspondent since November 2005. Prior to covering the White House, she was ABC’s senior national security correspondent.
Mr. Karl joined ABC in 2003 and has been senior national security correspondent since January 2006. He also served as a congressional correspondent for CNN.
“As we begin the transition to a new administration, we are fortunate to have in Jake, Martha and Jon three of the best beat reporters in journalism covering the White House, the foreign policy establishment and Congress,” David Westin, president of ABC News, said in a statement. “Each brings uncommon expertise and reporting skills that will ensure our audiences learn all that they want to know about where our government seeks to lead us.”


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