TMZ’s Levin Says No New Laws Are Needed

Oct 27, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Harvey Levin, who runs celebrity Web site TMZ.com and its syndicated TV offshoot, told a group of lawyers that the pressure on packs of paparzzi could hurts someone someday, according to the New York Times. But he said new laws were unlikely to help the situation. “What’s a year or so for assault, if I can get $200,000 for a picture?” Mr. Levin said, describing both the bad guys’ thinking and the state of an overheated market for celebrity news, according to the paper.
— Jon Lafayette

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  1. Harvey Levin will rationalize the pictoral of his mother’s death if he can make a buck of it.
    Fortunately, being HIS mother the world will not care and there won’t be a Press fuss. (Nothing against his mom, God Bless her for a long and healthy life).
    Levin is an egotistical, trouble making, self-promoting punk and has been since his days at KNBC.
    It is a sad statement on our society that the papparzzi-celebrity-psychopathic-media slime like Levin wheel such twisted, negative power.
    He will self-destruct someday and the world will be a better place for it.
    Peter Bright

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