Headline News Rebrands as HLN

Dec 18, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Headline News will be shortening its name to HLN, the Hollywood Reporter says. The 26-year-old network also will begin using “News and Views” as its logo and tagline, the trade says. According to CNN Worldwide’s Ken Jautz, the changes reflect the transformation the network has undergone since it began incorporating talk shows instead of straight news segments, the Reporter says.
—Sergio Ibarra


  1. OH yeah. Rebranding to initials ALWAYS works. Just look at GSN. Do you know anyone besides the people at the network and people on online forums that just use it as a quick abbreviation, that don’t just call it Game Show Network? Or what about VS? Outdoor Life Network shortened its name to OLN when they bought the rights to the NHL, but who didn’t keep associating the network with hunting and fishing shows until they changed to VS?

  2. HLN is a bit too reminicsent of HSN (Home Shopping Network). A google search for HLN produces a bunch of hits for “Huey Lewis and the News” sites… I wonder if there will be a connetion in a lot of peoples minds. When Northwest Airlines became ‘NWA’ I had a hard time separating it from the Rap group ‘Niggas With Attitude’.

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