DTV Problems Due to Signal Issues

Mar 2, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Many of the problems with digital TV since more than 400 TV stations shut off their analog signals have been reception-related, the Associated Press reports. In speaking with several viewers who had no problems with analog signals, many expressed concern with the strength of local stations’ digital signals, according to the newspaper. Both stations and the FCC have begun taking steps to make sure digital TV signals improve, such as allowing some stations to place a small repeater station in order to broadcast signals in harder-to-reach areas, the AP says.
—Sergio Ibarra


  1. Our local stations, channel 9 and 7 switched to digital last night and I can’t get a signal from either one of them.Before they switched totally, I could get most the local stations through the converter box,but now,nothing.???

  2. I am a TV service tech and I install TV antennas, and converter boxes every day. My service area is 60 miles form our local stations. I am finding that only customer that live in the best locations ( hill tops ) and who have the largest outside antnennas are getting DTV good enough to watch. Please FCC, we are going to need some help!! Please allow the TV stations to transmit the same RF Power that they were transmitting analog. The stations are telling me that they are only allowed 1/3 to 1/5 the amount of power that they were transmitting with analog.

  3. I use a DTV converter (Channelmaster 7000) on one TV, and work through the DVR (Pioneeer) tuner for the other. The Channelmaster is handling things well enough, but the other TV has now audio dropouts and at times the transmission fails even on the major channels. Since I installed a new HDTV-capable outdoor antenna (Channelmaster), I have rescanned all channels. Since eliminating all analog channels, I find that the main audio track is missing or very low volume at times, and the signal will occasionally fail at other times. Secondary audio, however, seems to be fine.
    The TV industry better take note: improve signal strength, ensure that all audio tracks are detected, and the DTV converters be equal to the task. June will come soon!

  4. For three days now I have been trying to watch tv, since we have gone digital I can”t get a signal this is very frustrating, what the hell is up?

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