Why CNN Is Apologizing to the Supreme Court

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CNN issued an apology Monday to the U.S. Supreme Court over an incident in which a CNN intern was caught recording video footage using a GoPro camera strapped to his chest, Politico reports. The incident caused the court to temporarily remove interns from the press room.

“The episode led to an impromptu meeting among top CNN executives and editors in Washington, a call to the company’s legal department, and a profuse apology to the Supreme Court’s public affairs team,” Politico reports. “Recording devices are prohibited from both the Supreme Court Press Room and the adjacent Public Information Office, as well as from the court room generally.”

CNN issued a statement in which it explained that the intern “misunderstood the rules about recording inside the Supreme Court’s Public Information Office and acted inappropriately. We’ve taken the necessary action to remedy this situation. We profusely apologize to the Court.”

Politico adds: “The intern, Walbert Castillo, had been assigned to serve as ‘a runner,’ relaying the court’s opinions from the building to CNN correspondent Ariane de Vogue, who was waiting in the Supreme Court plaza. The process has become known as ‘the running of the interns,’ given the speed and intensity of the running-shoe clad youth.”

The report notes that Castillo had been assigned by CNN to wear a camera in connection with the network’s digital video series “Being Moody,” but continued to record while in the press room — apparently by accident. Recording is prohibited in the room because the Court is concerned that it might pick up audio of a court decision.

The story notes that Castillo was later allowed to re-enter the site along with other interns after they were briefly excluded.

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