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Report: Missing from Watching Traditional TV — 640,000 Young Men

Sep 24, 2015  •  Post A Comment

“In the first three days of premiere week the number of young men turning on their TVs dropped by a stunning 22 percent compared to last year, Nielsen ratings show,” reports our good friend Claire Atkinson in the New York Post.

She continues, “Despite tens of millions of dollars in ad campaigns and big draws such as [the] NFL, Fox’s young music-themed drama ‘Empire’ and NBC’s ‘The Voice,’ roughly 640,000 fewer men between 18 and 24 watched any show on their TVs.”

It’s a dip from 3 million young men to 2.36 million of them.

As we have previously reported, the entire 18-49 and 18-24 demos are significantly off during this premiere week compared to last year’s premiere week.

Atkinson adds, “The networks have been pushing Nielsen for years to speed up its measurement of people watching video outside of the traditional TV screen….Several companies, including 21st Century Fox, Time Warner and CBS, are believed to have had serious conversations with Nielsen about their concerns.”


  1. Well, if they made something guys want to watch I’m sure that would help.

    And by something to watch, I mean shows that don’t talk down to or demean men’s idea of masculinity.

    Hollywood is too afraid to make shows that guys want to watch on a must see basis. And, this is the price they pay.

  2. Hey, you watch that talk, right there mister! If men aren’t walking, talking bastions of constant respect for everything they are not (accompanied with the right amount of “male guilt”) then they don’t deserve to watch TV

  3. Unlike previous generations, these young men (and women) have other options besides watching three hours of Broadcast TV every night. And if they are watching TV, the options for them are varied and in their interest zone. Things like UFC, soccer, extreme sports and YouTube. Cable shows like iRobot and Humans are more interesting to them than another CBS procedural. And +3 and +7 are not going to catch a lot of them. My son is just now starting to watch Justified after years of my recommendations, because he was too busy with other activities and other programming. The Broadcast TV industry needs major changes to attract young men. They may get some younger women with reality shows, but the young men’s reality shows are not Bachelorette. They are video game shows on YouTube and You Tube comedy shows like PewDiePie (400 million viewers a month!), Jenna Marbles, Smosh and Ryan Higa.

  4. They are probably too busy texting to watch TV. lol…. sorta.

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