Host on Miami PBS Station Suspended for Comments on Dallas Shootings — Here’s What She Said

Jul 13, 2016  •  Post A Comment

A woman who hosts a show on Miami’s WPBT-TV was suspended as the fallout continues from comments she posted on Facebook about the shootings of police officers in Dallas.

As we reported previously, Kalyn Chapman James, who is a former Miss Alabama, called the Dallas shooter a “martyr” in an emotional video clip that has produced a torrent of backlash and threats against James. James shot the video in her car after church, and in it she talks about her conflicted feelings in the wake of Dallas and other recent violence.

WPBT, the Miami PBS affiliate, announced on Twitter that was placing James on temporary administrative leave while the TV station “carefully looks further into the matter.” James has hosted the station’s series “Art Loft” since 2013.

Here’s a clip of James’ comments that she originally posted on Facebook …


  1. Toss her to the sharks. She should not have a forum for hate.

  2. She’s reaching out asking for help – to understand what’s she’s feeling and why, what’s been happening, and what we ALL can do. She shouldn’t loose her job. I don’t hear any hate in her heart.

  3. B.s.. Broadcasters are held to a higher standard than this. Fired. Period. I as a white man would be fired if I even touched this topic. There is no place for political discourse…Talk to a preacher or private support group.

  4. Loose her job?! Hahahahahahaha!!

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