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Our Favorite Headline of the Day: ‘Kim Kardashian’s Narcissism Has a Number’

Sep 15, 2016  •  Post A Comment

With a headline announcing “Kim Kardashian’s narcissism has a number,” The New York Post’s Page Six reports that Kardashian “took an astounding 6,000 selfies during her four-day Mexican vacation in August.”

“By Page Six’s calculations, that averages out to 1,500 selfies per day, 62.5 selfies an hour, roughly one selfie every minute,” the report notes, adding: “The initial number comes from the post ‘Kim-Digits: The Breakdown of My Mexico Vacation,’ which she shared on sister Kendall Jenner’s site on Wednesday.”

The story cites some additional numbers from Kardashian’s Mexico trip, reporting: “She and daughter North drank 10 watermelon smoothies, she wore nine different swimsuits, spent four hours on the beach with her kiddies and spent absolutely no hours in the sun, she claims.”


  1. Who cares? One more who should not of been able to breed. And there’s a “God” that allows this? It says a lot about those that follow that family. PATHETIC……

  2. Tell me, once and for all, why these people are famous? Tell me one thing they have contributed to society. Meanwhile they make millions of dollars, live in huge mansions, and essentially, do not work. How pathetic. How embarrassing.

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