Canada’s Immigration Site Crashed Last Night as Momentum Built for Trump

Nov 9, 2016  •  Post A Comment

As Donald Trump’s victory loomed last night, a number of Americans appeared poised to try to make good on the oft-repeated threat to move to Canada if the businessman won the election.

“The Government of Canada immigration and citizenship website crashed on Tuesday night, presumably under the weight of anxious Americans worried about their status under a Trump presidency,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. “A spokesman for that office did not immediately return a request for comment.”

The site appeared to still be down this afternoon, and THR noted that the Citizenship and Immigration Canada Twitter account had not responded to the outage earlier today.


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  1. Let’s all get together and figure out how to help them all leave! Problem is that Canada requires a significant financial independance to get on the fast track for emigration. I venture a guess that those (not all) expressing a desire to flee the US might not be the most productive citizens! There is a great fear that the days of increasing FREE handouts may be over. Canada has welcomed millions of foreigners but they expect you to bring half a million with you to start businesses or invest in the economy. They do not want freeloaders! In fact the US may be the only nation that takes care of freeloaders at the disadvantage to its own citizens!

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