Jeffrey Lord, the Pro-Trump Political Commentator Recently Fired by CNN, Is in Talks With Another Media Outlet

Aug 22, 2017  •  Post A Comment

Jeffrey Lord, who got the boot from CNN about two weeks ago after he came under fire over a “Sieg Heil!” tweet, is reportedly in talks with Breitbart News.

“With Steve Bannon taking over the conservative website, two of … Donald Trump’s best known boosters could end up teaming up,” The Daily Beast reports.

Lord, a former Reagan administration official and an outspoken conservative, was a longtime contributor at CNN, where he has most recently been one of Trump’s biggest supporters.

“The abrupt firing, officially due to Lord tweeting ‘Sieg Heil!,’ prompted a phone call of support from Steve Bannon, then President Donald Trump’s chief strategist,” the story reports. “Now Bannon has lost his job, too. And as he settles back at the conservative website Breitbart, were he once again is head honcho, he may end up bringing Lord along with him.”

The report adds: “The Daily Beast can confirm that Lord is eyeing Breitbart, one of the most influential Trump-boosting outlets in the country, as a post-CNN gig. Two sources familiar with the situation tell The Daily Beast that, post-firing, Breitbart reached out to Lord regarding writing for the site, for a contributorship or a potentially steadier job.”

The article also notes: “Last week, Lord emailed The Daily Beast that he was indeed actively exploring post-CNN media options, stating that he had ‘three possibilities already! LOL!’ and was ‘taking a week off and then back to figuring out the future.’ Lord did not respond to follow-up questions regarding the specifics of said options.”


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