NAB News: NAB President Ticks Off Legislative Victories for Broadcasters

Apr 9, 2018  •  Post A Comment

The annual National Association of Broadcasters conference opened today in Las Vegas, and in his opening speech NAB President Gordon Smith “called on broadcasters to envision a world remade by new broadcast technology, one aided by NAB lobbying gains in recent months, as well as to envision a world without broadcasting,” B&C reports.

Smith’s theme was “standing on the shoulders of giants.”

He noted a number of key wins in Washington, including FCC approval of voluntary deployment of the Next Gen TV standard, fighting off a $169 billion tax on advertising, modernizing media ownership rules at the FCC, and securing $1 billion in legislation passed by Congress to reimburse radio and television stations for their costs during the spectrum repacking process.

We encourage readers to click on the link above to B&C to read the full report.

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  1. The government gives $1B to radio and television stations, but can’t approve the AT&T merger with Warner, which would be good for consumers as it would give more competition for Hulu, Netflix and Amazon?

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