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‘The Whole Reboot Genre Is Beginning to Wane’ Says Sitcom Star Who Has Been Trying to Reboot Her Hit 1990s Series

Nov 5, 2018  •  Post A Comment

An actress who had a hit sitcom throughout much of the 1990s — who has been in talks for a possible reboot of the series — offered hope for viewers who think the reboot craze has gone too far.

The New York Post reports that Fran Drescher, who starred in CBS’s “The Nanny” from 1993-1999, has been talking with rap star Cardi B about working together on a new series — either a reboot of “The Nanny” or possibly a new mother/daughter show. But Drescher, 61, threw some cold water on the “Nanny” reboot.

“Look, it probably isn’t going to be ‘The Nanny’ because, for whatever reason, the whole reboot genre is beginning to wane,” the report quotes Drescher saying.

The Post adds: “Talk of a possible Drescher/Cardi B pairing began in September, when the Bronx-born rapper, 26, Instagrammed a photo of herself wearing a leopard-skin dress as an homage to Drescher.

Drescher said of Cardi B: “She’s a fan of the show and we’re both style icons with funny voices. She did that homage to me and it kind of mushroomed because I happened to be doing press [for the animated movie ‘Hotel Transylvania 3’] and I was asked if I was aware that she had linked us together with photos suggesting our similarities.”

She added: “I’m actually developing a millennial-and-me baby boomer show [to star in] and I thought maybe this is fortuitous, maybe we would be good together. She would be good playing my daughter. I’m taking meetings with her representatives and you never know, maybe something will develop out of that.”

Drescher added that a 10-episode streaming series might be a good fit, given Cardi B’s busy recording career.


  1. “The Nanny” sucked. That is why there will be no re-boot.

  2. I liked The Nanny, until they got together, married and the character immediately got pregnant. The playful, snarky, “slapstickiness” was lost.

  3. Why would anyone want to reboot something that most of its audience enjoyed when it was a thing (if not, in certain respects, THE thing) and would gladly watch again, flaws and all, even today? What specifically was so “wrong” about The Nanny that warrants it to be rebooted for more recent audiences—aside from, of course, Maxwell being a spoiled-rotten, temperamental man-child who didn’t deserve any of the success (i.e., wealth and prestige) he possessed, much less a first wife and the kids she’d birthed for him, much less still a second wife in Fran? I’m sorry, but the whole notion of a Nanny reboot just screams “CA$H GRAB!” to me. Why not just leave the show alone and air it on a streaming network for today’s viewers to enjoy and try rebooting a TV series that genuinely had potential back in its day that it didn’t quite live up to?

    As for the whole reboot “genre” beginning to “wane,” then please explain the respective reboots of The Wonder Years and Night Court as well as Bel-Air, the dramatic reimagining of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

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