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‘CBS This Morning’ Fixture, ‘Furious’ With CBS, May Leave the Network

Dec 17, 2018  •  Post A Comment

Amid turmoil at CBS in the wake of the contentious departures of “CBS This Morning” host Charlie Rose, “60 Minutes” producer Jeff Fager and company boss Leslie Moonves, word surfaced today that Gayle King may be ready to leave the network.

The news follows word that CBS is looking to rebuild “CBS This Morning,” on which King is a co-host, “from the ground up.” The New York Post’s Page Six reports that the “last straw” for King, who has been in the spotlight as a face of the scandal-bitten network, may be the exit of “CBS This Morning” executive producer Ryan Kadro.

As we reported last week, Kadro was said to be negotiating his exit from the network in a move the company indicated was unrelated to the Rose situation.

The Post reports that King is “furious about the upheaval at CBS — and could be prepared to walk.”

The report quotes an insider saying: “She very much has had to hold everything together on the show. But she’s particularly upset that Ryan is leaving — and that he was mistakenly linked with the CBS payoffs. … It remains to be seen what she’ll do, and what her future is at CBS.”

Reps for King and CBS weren’t talking.

“Meanwhile, we’re told that insiders are hopeful that the network’s top female staffers will benefit when the long-awaited report into the alleged misconduct of Rose, Moonves and ’60 Minutes’ producer Jeff Fager is finally released,” The Post adds. “We’re told that senior staff including Ingrid Ciprian-Matthews — CBS News’ executive vice president and de facto No. 2 to under-fire president David Rhodes — as well as vice president of news Kim Godwin and senior broadcast producer at ‘CBS Evening News’ Brinda Adhikari are all names to watch in the near future.”


  1. Goodbye. Being Opra’s BFF was never enough to make her any sort of a journalist. Game show or tlak show, fine..but news..sorry, she was unwatchable.

  2. Please leave today! Be gone Gayle King, we are tired of your agendas and little quips of geandstanding at the end of every report. Your useless and biased. Let your bff hire you. Tool.

  3. All the gma,cbs,talk shows late night shows all boring

  4. CBS should clean house on the Morning Show, including King. They are all losers, who cannot deliver the ratings. Go hard news in 30’minute cycles, with cut-ins for the local affiliates. Bring in Brian Williams formerlly of NBC, and Megan Kelly (to attract the right wing loonies) and watch the ratings soar!!!

  5. Doesn’t HLN already have the 30 minute cycle news covered for mornings.

  6. I can see the old race card is still in full swing. Haters pipe down and be gone.

    • That’s just wrong to pull the race card on this. She’s a terrible journalist… period. I’ve turned that show off so many times because of her BS and it’s got NOTHING to do with her color. She’s just plain annoying.

  7. I really enjoy the CBS news especially the 7 A.M. with the first 19 minutes without commercials. I think Gayle King, Nora Roberts & John Dickenson make a “great” team. They are down to earth and very relatable to the common folk. No one likes conflict in life except the folks causing the conflict, so get it together at CBS executives!

  8. Gayle King needs to be fired! She has a habit after each segment that is presented on the morning show, of making some sort of personal comment about everything!!! She doesn’t read her script well and has pronunciation problems! Even Nora and John seem to be imbarressed with her comments and lack of professionalism!!! She is a specticle on the morning show and such a joke of a news anchor and journalist!! Pitiful!!! Get her off the show! I love to watch the morning news and have always watched it, but now that Gayle King is making such an idiot of herself everyday, it makes me want to turn the channel!!! She needs to go to work with her bff, Oprah!!!! Please listen to us and take her off!!!!

  9. I will be turning off the CBS Morning Show on May 20th. John Dickerson and Nora Roberts made the show worth putting up with Gayle King’s unprofessional comments after each segment. I love 60 minutes, and I watched John Dickerson Sunday mornings so he will be a great addition at 60 minutes. Nora Roberts is brilliant, and will be great as the Evening News Anchor. Maybe CBS might think about changing the morning show into more fluffy entertainment, cooking, entertainment celebrity interviews, and other non news segments. Then Gayle might fit better, she is not a hard news journalist, and she would have stories on the social pages in a newspaper, never in the news section or investigative journalist articles. I won’t watch it, but others might. I am going just skip morning shows all together. I retired, and that is why I have been watching CBS in the morning for the last almost 2 years. I will be reading the Times and Post instead in the morning.

  10. This is not about race–I am an African-American woman and I have long despised Gayle King on CBS This Morning.She is NOT a serious journalist. She is “Chatty Kathy”. I will never forget my shock and dismay when Gayle was allowed to participate in the Presidential Election coverage and her first remark was (paraphrasing), “I never been chosen to be on the ‘A’ team…” How telling is that: a critical Presidential election (Trump) and the always self-referential Gayle King being self-referential! She interrupts her colleagues and guests; she summarizes each news segment even though it’s been summarized by the presenting reporter; her “Yikes”, “we like that”, etc., turn every “read” into a cartoon; her need to chatter inanely when there’s serious news to report on is a HUGE annoyance; she is a walking ID!! I don’t care what she thinks. She needs to do her job and report–OBJECTIVELY. John Dickerson is EXCELLENT! Norah O’Donnell is EXCELLENT! Get rid of the “B” team, PLEASE!!

  11. Most of the news is bad news. That’s a brutal fact. We watched the CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor because of the compassion he showed for those impacted and his thoughtful thanks to the reporters doing those segments. Often, his eyes would well up after a story which leads us to believe he’s either a great actor or a truly caring person. We choose to believe the latter. When he was replaced we moved to another nightly news channel.

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