Will Kevin Hart Be Reinstated as Oscars Host? Here’s Where Things Stand

Jan 7, 2019  •  Post A Comment

The Oscars hosting situation has been in flux since Ellen DeGeneres made a push to get Kevin Hart the job back, but Mke Fleming Jr. reports on Deadline that Hart appears to have made up his mind not to take the gig.

“Despite the efforts of former host Ellen DeGeneres, Kevin Hart will not re-emerge as host of the 91st Academy Awards, multiple sources are telling Deadline,” Fleming writes. “While this situation is still fluid and he could possibly change his mind, this looks like his final answer, I’m told.”

In a report published Saturday, Fleming adds: “The Academy will continue on its course toward an Oscarcast without a single host, and instead will enlist some of the biggest names in the games to present awards. Hart’s appearance on Ellen to promote his upcoming film ‘The Upside’ rekindled hope when DeGeneres — who sources said turned down the job a while ago — urged Hart to host and made calls to the Academy.”

Fleming also reports: “Hart was moved by DeGeneres’ gesture and indeed reconsidered, and he has apologized so often that the Academy would have been receptive to his return, I’m told. Ultimately, Hart felt his hosting would become a distraction, a continuing controversial narrative that would take the spotlight off the people and movies being honored. He also grew concerned at the limited amount of time he would have had to prepare.”

Hart became the focus of backlash over the decision to have him host the awards when the comedian’s homophobic tweets from 10 years ago began circulating.


  1. Maybe this will cause organizations to finally stop tracking twitter accounts back to the beginning of twitter, in order to use something that was posted in the past to attack people. Hopefully, Hart will stand his ground. If nothing was raised about this years ago, when it initially was posted, why is it now used against him. I cancelled my account and I hope that others will realize that the little benefit of having people trash you personally on a daily basis, because they can hide behind a twitter account, isn’t worth it.

  2. I find it interesting if the Liberals like some one, well they apologized, so it’s over. If they don’t like the person, they can apologize until the end times and it’s still not good enough. Everyone has said something stupid or offensive in their lifetimes. The question is: Did you learn from it? Unfortunately, the “all-inclusive” left does not believe in forgiveness only retribution..

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