Red Carpet Event Canceled as Backlash Mounts Against Liam Neeson

Feb 5, 2019  •  Post A Comment

A red carpet event that had been scheduled for Tuesday night for the new Liam Neeson movie was canceled amid growing backlash against the actor over what’s being described in the media as his “racist rape revenge fantasy.”

As we reported earlier today, Neeson has been trying to do damage control and attempted to clarify his comments during an appearance on “Good Morning America.” You can see a video of the interview by clicking here.

“Liam Neeson’s own words — about looking for a ‘black bastard’ to kill 40 years ago — are derailing the NYC rollout of his new movie,” TMZ reports. “‘Cold Pursuit’ is premiering Tuesday night in NYC, but the studio’s decided to cancel the red carpet event — meaning Neeson won’t have to face the media. That change was announced just hours before the premiere — and a few hours after Neeson tried to soften the blow of his bombshell revelation.”

The incident at the center of the controversy took place when Neeson was in his 20s and learned that a friend of his had been raped. Neeson said he responded by going out looking for “random black men” to assault, TMZ reports.

“Neeson didn’t know the attacker’s identity but only knew he was black,” TMZ reports. “Neeson first told the puzzling story to The Independent on Monday, and the backlash has been building ever since.”


  1. support and celebrate this brilliant actor for coming forward and
    being honest on something that many people of all colors have
    experienced once or twice in the midst of insane stress during
    insane activity … like a rape!

    I lived in South Africa during Apartheid … a stupid law by a
    batch of stupid people against others of color … yet I saw
    amazing people of all backgrounds supporting each other
    during that crazy time in the mid-80a …

    So, to the stupid and short sighted people out there
    who want to punish a talented and honest actor …
    shame on you … it would be fun for TMZ to send
    a crew to follow you around to see what’s in
    your closet … and of course, you will not be
    honest on your moments of bigotry or the like!

    • You don’t get to tell people who to fucking support. Have a seat.

    • So if he randomly killed your friend, brother, or cousin just because of their color for revenge you won’t mind? You will still support him? He walked around for a week looking for a random person to kill, not the perpetrator themselves. That’s what you’re missing. How many times we’ve watched on the news and hear a white womsn falsely accusing a black man off rape? Once it’s revealed it’s a lie, they get a slap on the wrist yet that mans life is ruined forever.

  2. It’s simple. Watch what you say.

  3. But… he’s know longer a racist, because he power walks and talked to friends and behold he’s cured, have several seats Liam, you showed your true color, I’m know longer a fan.

  4. Where he messed up at was when he said “I’m not racist.” He demonstrates the epitome of racism and says “I’m not racist.” If he had said “I’m not racist ANYMORE” then he would have a little more credibility. Why people have a problem admitting they are racist when they live in a racist society I dont know. Everyone knows 75% if GA is racist but how many of them besides straight-up skin heads would look you in the face and say they are racist? It’s more like “I don’t like black people but I’m not racist.” Ugh, just own it. Like alcoholics, first step is to admit they have a problem so they can address it.

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