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Why You Didn’t See a Certain $20 Million Super Bowl Ad — the Salacious Backstory

Feb 4, 2019  •  Post A Comment

One $20 million ad that had been scheduled to run during Sunday’s Super Bowl had the plug pulled on it during the runup to the Big Game, according to The New York Post’s Page Six.

“Jeff Bezos pulled the plug on a $20 million Super Bowl ad for his spaceflight company, Blue Origin, after it was revealed his mistress had helped shoot footage for the commercial, sources told Page Six,” the story reports. “Instead, the Amazon owner had a last-minute commercial created for his Washington Post, with some all-star narration by Tom Hanks.”

The report adds: “TV insiders said Bezos nixed the space exploration ad when his affair with Lauren Sanchez went public. Sanchez, a former TV anchor and helicopter pilot, has been shooting aerial footage of Blue Origin rocket launches and landings for Bezos.”

The report quotes a source saying of the ad: “There was talk that he spent so much money on it because he wanted to be close to her. But the speculation is that he pulled the ad because it would be embarrassing because Lauren worked on the ads.”

The report notes that Bezos was a presence at the game anyway. “The billionaire partied with Patriots owner Bob Kraft — without Sanchez — and was spotted with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell during the game,” The Post reports, adding: “Ads for Amazon’s Alexa ran during the game, as did an Amazon Prime commercial, plus the Washington Post spot in the fourth quarter.”

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  1. The Washington Post spot was poorly done, as evidenced by the shoddy, last minute way it was thrown together. Even a Tom Hanks narration couldn’t save it. More notable however was another commercial that didn’t make it. A military veteran owned business named “Nine Line Apparel” was looking to run a 45-second spot that would have countered NIKE’s controversial Colin Kaepernick commercial. Apparently it so shamed the NIKE spot that CBS claimed the company couldn’t afford to pay for the spot (the company has annual revenues of 25+-million a year). I think they could have easily paid for it. Cowardly move by CBS.

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