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New Menu Item at IHOP Causes the Internet to Freak Out

Jun 3, 2019  •  Post A Comment

IHOP has added a menu item that is generating responses ranging from giddy to disgusted on social media. The new item is a hamburger with a pancake in the middle.

The restaurant chain is calling the new sandwich “The Big IHOP Pancake,” part of a new marketing initiative that finds the company introducing three new burgers and labeling them as “pancakes.” The initiative follows up on last year’s playful temporary renaming of the chain as “IHOb” or “International House of Burgers” as a way to promote its hamburgers.

The other two new items are the Garlic Butter Pancake (Steakburger) and the Loaded Philly Pancake (Steakburger). But it’s the one with the pancake in the middle that seems to be generating the most buzz.

“The most creative of the ‘pancakes’ is the Big IHOP Pancake, which sandwiches a cheddar cheese pancake between two beef patties as a Big Mac-style third bun,” Business Insider reports. “The burger also contains American cheese, bacon, and IHOP sauce.”

The publication’s Kate Taylor sent out a tweet showing the new burger, which you can see below. Among the responses, one Twitter user wrote: “Just what the cardiologist ordered,” while another tweeted: “Honestly don’t understand people who think burgers need more bread.” Still another wrote simply: “Yuck.”

The publication quotes other users who were far more receptive. “Best. News. Ever” tweeted one user, while another wrote: “American eaters have a double win.”

According to Business Insider, IHOP President Darren Rebelez credits the chain’s customers with the idea. Said Rebelez: “People kept asking us, ‘When are you going to have a burger with pancakes?'”

Here’s Taylor’s tweet …

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