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Sony Furious About Leaked Video of Tonight’s ‘Jeopardy!’ (Spoiler Alert)

Jun 3, 2019  •  Post A Comment

A leaked video clip from the TV game show “Jeopardy!” that began circulating over the weekend has the show’s producer, Sony Pictures Television, up in arms.

For viewers who follow “Jeopardy!,” the story below reveals details about what happens on the show, so we’re issuing a spoiler alert and recommend that you stop reading now unless you are OK finding out what happens.

The New York Post reports that the viral clip, which began making the rounds Sunday on social media, prompted copyright strikes from Sony. But the clip continues to appear on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and other sites.

The clip involves James Holzhauer, who has been on a historic run as a “Jeopardy!” champion.

“The game show’s 32-time champion lost for the first time in an episode that airs Monday, falling short of records for total winnings and longest reign but leaving little doubt he’s the best to ever play television’s most popular game,” the AP reports. “In a video of the moment that circulated online, the professional sports gambler from Las Vegas is shown high-fiving the woman who beat him, Chicago librarian Emma Boettcher.”

Holzhauer’s run on the show has helped pump up the popular syndicated show’s ratings.

The AP quotes an email interview with Holzhauer in which he acknowledges the end of his run. “I really felt like I had been playing with house money, so I wasn’t too upset to see my run end,” Holzhauer says in the email, adding that he ran into “a terrific opponent playing flawlessly.”

The New York Post adds: “The apparent stumble cuts down Holzhauer after a mind-boggling 32 consecutive wins, good for a total haul of $2,464,216, including the $2,000 he would receive for finishing second on Monday’s episode.

“He comes up short, however, of besting legend Ken Jennings, who notched 74 wins good for $2,520,700 in 2004 — and marveled at Holzhauer’s run as ‘astounding.’”

To see the short clip of James losing as the Final Jeopardy round ends, please click here.


  1. So an industry publication posts a link to a clip that Sony is upset about and clearly is a matter of copyright infringement?

    Is TVWeek going to start pointing to Torrents of this fall’s TV shows, too?

    • No.

  2. C’mon suckers. You really believe SONY is upset. Ha ! The leak was the perfect way to give Jeopardy a big numbers boost. Interest in Holzhauer was flagging somewhat..but the opportunity to see his final episode was just what the numbers’ counters needed. Bet last night’s episode killed. This was a classic example of how easy it is to manipulate the media into lots of free publicity. Wonder who at SONY came up with the idea??!!

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