’60 Minutes’ Producer Sues CBS

Dec 17, 2019  •  Post A Comment

The CBS network has been hit with a lawsuit filed by a producer who has been working on “60 Minutes.” According to The Hollywood Reporter, the suit filed by Cassandra Vinograd, a London-based associate producer for the program, accuses CBS of “unlawful discriminatory conduct” and “unlawful retaliatory conduct.”

The lawsuit comes after Vinograd reportedly attempted to report her boss for misconduct.

“In September 2019, Vinograd ’emailed senior executives and the general counsel, to describe her serious concerns regarding “highly inappropriate, unprofessional and upsetting events”‘ involving her boss, longtime CBS News producer Michael Gavshon, whom she claims sent her an inappropriate photograph,” THR reports. “She asked for an investigation and to be protected from ‘retaliation.'”

The suit is quoted stating: “In the ensuing days, through a series of swift moving events, Cassie was ostracized, isolated and penalized for calling out what she perceived as inappropriate conduct by Gavshon. Gavshon quickly removed her from all stories in production, including a segment she had pitched and performed the majority of the work on. In deference to Gavshon, CBS executives did nothing to stop his blatant retaliation. Worse, senior executives ratified his personal vendetta by willingly sending temporary associate producers to replace Cassie and work with Gavshon.”

THR adds: “In addition to her concerns about his ‘excessive drinking,’ Gavshon sent her ‘an old photo of Gavshon and some friends urinating on what appeared to be smoldering coal.’ (Gavshon claimed to her that he meant to send the photo to his sister.)”

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  1. CBS continues to be hypocrites. They are doing almost as much to clean up their misogynistic culture as NBC.

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