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CBS Implements New Measures Following ‘Survivor’ Controversy

Dec 18, 2019  •  Post A Comment

One week after a contestant was kicked off the CBS show “Survivor” for the first time over a behavior issue, the network says it is implementing new policies aimed at preventing inappropriate behavior.

CBS issued a statement Tuesday evening addressing the controversy surrounding the removal of contestant Dan Spilo and detailing the network’s policies going forward. You can click here to read the statement in full.

“Spilo, a prominent Hollywood manager/producer, was removed from the game after an ‘off-camera incident,’ believed to involve a physical contact with a member of the show’s production team as Spilo and other contestants were getting into a boat to transport them back to the camp after an immunity challenge,” Deadline reports. “Spilo had been accused earlier in the competition by fellow contestant Kellee Kim of unwanted touching, for which he apologized at that episode’s Tribal Council.”

In its statement, CBS said: “Season 39 of ‘Survivor’ has been unprecedented for all of us, with important social issues and inappropriate individual behavior intersecting with game play in complex ways that we’ve never seen before. During the course of the production, we listened to the players intently, investigated responsibly and responded accordingly, including taking the unprecedented step of removing a player from the game.”

The network also admitted that the situation could have been handled differently, and said it is determined to do better going forward. CBS indicated that some new measures have already been implemented, with more changes on the way.

“For Season 40, which has already filmed, the show added to its pre-production cast orientation specific guidelines regarding personal space, inappropriate behavior, and how to report these issues,” CBS said. “For Seasons 41 and beyond, the producers are reviewing all elements of the show to further support appropriate interaction, including how the players live during, as well as after they are eliminated from, the competition.”

Click here to read the network’s full statement.

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  1. Here is my problem with the show. When this happened the show did not address when all of a sudden everyone back tracked and said hey it was all part of my game. He is good. This was game play.

    It was not good! It was not Game Play as we are now learning.

    The show made a point of telling how everyone spoke with someone, they spoke with Dan etc. And, then it was just Game Play. REALLY!!! Game play or not, if you accuse someone and then back down you are part of the problem. Stand your ground and make your claim or don’t say it at all. Both you and the accused have to deal with the consequences.

    Shame on the show and Jeff for not standing his ground and saying Wait a minute guys. Are you guys being a Bully. This was all a hoax. Dan didn’t do anything you just claimed he did.

    That type of Game Play needs to be called out because it is a BIG deal. If by chance the accused didn’t invade peoples space you have just bullied someone and ruined their reputation. I know you have to lie on the show, but that crossed the line.

    As for the show, you need to bring back where the loved ones who don’t know anything or anyone have to pick who goes on the reward after the challenge. That was a good twist way back when.

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