‘The View’ Doing Cleanup After Heated Exchange

Dec 17, 2019  •  Post A Comment

The co-hosts of ABC’s often contentious daytime talk show “The View” opened Tuesday’s program by addressing a tense exchange that generated a lot of attention on Monday’s show. As is often the case, the heated exchange was about politics and involved the panel’s lone conservative, Meghan McCain.

Moderator Whoopi Goldberg intervened during a scrape Monday between McCain and co-host Sunny Hostin, with Goldberg eventually telling McCain to “stop talking.” The original confrontation can be seen in the second clip below, toward the end of the clip.

Goldberg and McCain appeared to bury the hatchet in their opening to Tuesday’s show, which you can see in the first clip below. Said Goldberg: “We’re really passionate. This is our jobs.”

She compared the conflict at the co-hosts’ table to a family squabble. “Sometimes we’re not as polite as we could be,” she said. “That’s just the way it is. But you’re going to be dealing with the same thing when you sit around your table with your family.”

Added McCain: “Whoopi and I get along great. I love you very much. … We fight like we’re family — it’s all good.”

Here’s the clip from Tuesday’s show …

Below is the clip from Monday’s show that caused the furor, with most of the sparks flying in the final minute or so of the clip …


  1. One of these people is seriously annoying but if you’re spending a lot of time arguing this, get a Hobby instead. I’m so tired of all the division. Can’t we just admit some people are annoying and delusional, even if they represent whatever tribal cult you chose to join? Wake up America, you are losing your time to evolve while you are here.

  2. McCain’s problem is The Orange Blob is horrid ONLY when he criticizes her dead Daddy. Otherwise, she loves the White (House) Supremacist and is just as delusional as other GOP in the Senate and Congress. I cannot imagine her Dad, who was a real stickler when it came to our U.S. Constitution, would sit back and say nothing. The Orange Blob has enriched himself and his family in Our House, lies every time he opens his trap and only cares about himself and not his clueless followers.

  3. You can sure talk your crap and think everyone but yourself has issues lookin the mirror and fix yourself first before you talk bad about others.

  4. He’s your President Richard. Whether you like it or not. And he will be for 4 more years after 11/3/20. I can’t believe ABC still trots this show out there. It’s an embarrassment to the network.

    • Let’s get this straight, “Sir William”… I am so G damn sick and tired of hearing that “the American people have spoken, and they voted for Donald Trump!! He is YOUR president!” I happen to be one of the American people, one of many who DID NOT vote for this man whatsoever. So don’t act like you speak for all of America when you don’t, ok? You only speak for those who chose this guy as the president. He is NOT my president, he is just THE president, a situation that will be remedied come 11/3/2020!

      And that’s another thing… Who told you that Trump will be reelected next year? Do you have the inside scoop from the White House? Or are you using your magical faulty crystal ball? Nobody knows nothing right now, so shut up with your smug predictions!

  5. McCain’s father a strict constitutionalist and would have been appalled at what is happening today. Impeachment requires a crime and there is none. If you don’t like the President you censure him/her. You don’t put the country through this charade.

    • Bribery is an explicit impeachable offense (article 2, section 4,) whether successful or not.

      • Bribery was not among the articles of impeachment. What Biden did as Vice-President was bribery. Why are the Democrats so afraid to look into what Biden did? I have not been able to understand why the House Democrats are so determined to get rid of Trump. Then it dawned on me. He promised to drain the swamp. So many of the career politicians are neck deep in some type of corruption, they are afraid their get rich schemes will be exposed. Now Pelosi is refusing to send it on to the Senate unless they agree to her terms. Is that not quid pro quo?

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