Justin Bieber Battling Serious Disease

Jan 8, 2020  •  Post A Comment

Pop star Justin Bieber revealed that he has been dealing with a serious health issue, with TMZ reporting that Bieber is battling lyme disease. The website cites Bieber saying he also has “chronic mono,” which has reportedly “affected his skin, brain function and overall health.”

“The Biebs says he’ll reveal more in his docuseries,” TMZ adds. The documentary series, “Justin Bieber: Seasons,” is a 10-episode YouTube project.

The website reports: “Sources who have seen the documentary — which drops January 27 — tell us Justin and others in his life discuss the scary symptoms he endured in 2019. He says during much of the year his condition went undiagnosed. Doctors struggled to figure out what was wrong with him, but couldn’t put their finger on it until late last year.”

Bieber reportedly suffered from extreme depression at times last year before finding an explanation for his health issues.

TMZ cites sources saying it is unknown how Bieber contracted lyme disease, which comes from a tick bite. The report notes that symptoms include rashes, headaches, fever and fatigue.

“Doctors gave Justin a pharmacy full of medicine to combat his ailment before they properly diagnosed it, and one of the meds caused his skin to break out badly,” TMZ notes. “And, this is ironic … the Ottawa Public Health dept. tweeted out back in 2018 how people can protect themselves from contracting lyme disease, and they used a pic of Justin Bieber to show how to cover your feet with socks to prevent tick bites.”

Bieber reportedly has been on the path to recovery.

“He’s now been diagnosed, he’s being treated with the proper meds, his skin has cleared up, and he’s now ready for his upcoming album release and tour — so he says in the documentary,” TMZ reports.


  1. Gee can’t wait for the docuseries…

  2. Today Justin Bieber revealed he is battling Lyme disease. The pop singer took to Instagram to disclose his diagnosis, getting candid about the frustrations and challenges it has caused him over the past few years—made no less easy under the unforgiving scrutiny of the public eye. “You can learn all that I’ve been battling and overcoming!” he continued. “It’s been a rough couple years but getting the right treatment that will help treat this so far incurable disease, and I will be back and better than ever.”

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