NBC Shuffles Primetime Schedule (’30 Rock,’ For Example, Moves to 10 p.m.); Also, Gaspin Finally Confirms THR Story of Nov. 10 That He’s Leaving After Merger With Comcast

Nov 16, 2010  •  Post A Comment

NBC shuffled its primetime schedule, including moving Thursday night’s "30 Rock" to 10 p.m., reflecting the network’s concern about its ratings in the 10 p.m. slot, reports Bill Carter in the New York Times

.Thursdays will add "Perfect Couples" at 8:30, airing before "Community" at 8 p.m. and followed by "The Office" at 9 p.m. and "Parks and Recreation" at 9:30 p.m. "Outsourced" will shift to 10:30, following "30 Rock," with those changes starting Jan. 20th. For Fridays, NBC will bring back reality show "Who Do You Think You Are?" at 8 p.m., and once football season ends, it will air two reality series, "The Marriage Ref" and "Celebrity Apprentice", at 8 p.m. and from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m., respectively.

As previously reported, NBC will place "The Event" on hold temporarily, because while the show is the one of the most recorded programs on TV, its ratings have fallen. Instead, the 9 p.m. slot on Mondays will air "The Cape," which tracks a man who tries to regain his good name by becoming a superhero. At 10 p.m. on Mondays, the network will add the David E. Kelley legal drama "Harry’s Law" on Jan. 17, and move "Parenthood" from Tuesdays to Mondays at 10 p.m. in March. Meanwhile, "Law & Order: Los Angeles" will shift to Tuesdays at 10 p.m. from Wednesdays, with "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" taking the Wednesday slot.

In the same story, Carter reports that Jeff Gaspin, the chief entertainment executive at NBC Universal, told his staff on Monday night, Nov. 8, 2010,  that he plans to leave after the company’s merger with Comcast.  TVWeek first reported about Gaspin’s leaving when Kim Masters of  The Hollywood Reporter broke the story on Nov. 10th.

Gaspin said he wasn’t able to reach an agreement with Stephen Burke, who will become the chief executive of the media company after the merger, the story adds. Burke "has determined that he wants to move in a different direction” and “we could not agree on an appropriate role for me in the new company," Gaspin said. Comcast is expected to tap former Showtime entertainment chief Robert Greenblatt to replace him, the article adds. 


  1. It will be interesting to see how comedies do in the 10pm block. It has been a long time since there have been sitcoms at 10pm on major broadcast networks. Of course, for NBC, it can’t be any worse than what they have been running.

  2. hey guys try proofreading. this makes nooooo sense:
    Thursdays will add “Perfect Couples” at 8:30, airing before “Community” at 8 p.m. and followed by “The Office” at 9 p.m

  3. That’s not the only thing that doesn’t make sense. “The Marriage Ref” and “Celebrity Apprentice” don’t even have a reference to what day that is. If you happen to know that NBC runs football on Sundays you can get by but really….

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