Kathy Griffin Unapologizes for Gory Trump Head

Aug 29, 2017  •  Post A Comment

“Kathy Griffin retracted her apology for a gory image of a fake Donald Trump head, saying anger against her was overblown and should be directed at Trump and his administration,” the AP reports. “A feisty Griffin, interviewed Tuesday on Australian TV in advance of an international comedy tour, slammed the president and his actions as she reversed course from her tearful mea culpa in May.”

Appearing on the morning show “Sunrise,” Griffin reportedly said: “So the picture happened, the outrage was ridiculous, I made an apology, and now in light of all the crazy stuff that he [Trump] and this administration are doing … He’s unhinged.”

Griffin used a number of derogatory terms in reference to Trump, including calling him a “fool.” She came out strongly against his pardon of former Arizona lawman Joe Arpaio along with Trump’s call for a ban on military service by transgender people.

Pressed by one of the “Sunrise” hosts about her simulated severed Trump head, Griffin was defiant, saying: “Stop acting like my little picture is more important than talking about the actual atrocities that the president of the United States is committing.”

As we reported previously, Griffin initially offered a strong apology after the Trump beheading stunt sparked an angry backlash. She also lost her job with CNN over the incident.

Subsequently, Griffin was interrogated by the Secret Service in connection with the stunt.

More recently, the comedian has decided to embrace the incident, including launching her “Laugh Your Head Off” world comedy tour. Here’s a promo clip for her tour stop in Dublin …


  1. What a pathetic play for attention.

  2. Bill, you must be speaking of every action the president takes.

  3. This just proves Griffin’s apology was never really sincere. But should that surprise anyone?? Look, I was no fan of the last President’s policies and political philosophy. Yet if some comedian had done what Griffin did with Obama my reaction would have been the same as with President Trump: Not Funny !! Very Dangerous !! Highly Disrespectful !! Not productive in the least !! She’s a has been, never was.

  4. Agreed. I used to really like and appreciate her humpr and personality. Is there a back story that we do mot know about?

    • If you mean what I think you mean by her “humpr,” it’s a’ight, I guess … nothing to make me stand up and salute.

  5. Who is has-been/never-was kathy griffin, and who cares about her cries for attention?

  6. She pulled a stupid stunt, then hysterically apologized while claiming she has been “broken”, and now defiantly retracts the apology…and she still has the nerve to call anyone else “unhinged”?

  7. Unhinged knows unhinged. I didn’t see any reason for her to apologize in the first place. I have a bigger problem with her initial duck and cover than I do this. If there’s anyone on the planet who should understand and applaud making a buck off of f**king up, it’s anyone with the last name Trump.

  8. Apologize for what? Never saw the need. Just now saw this story, and am pleased to read it. The big T can’t take a joke. No humour. A 10-year-old child, I believe, was his cause for concern. Why was a kid that young in any proximity to Kathy’s material at all?

  9. Australian TV? She’s a bobble head. Toss her in the trash.

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