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Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck to Divorce. From Happier Times: Video of When They Fell in Love

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck have filed for divorce...   (ABC News; People, NY Magazine's Vulture blog)

NBC Cancels Drama

NBC has canceled one of its dramas. The series...   (Deadline; Variety)

Iconic Brand Shift: DKNY Loses the DK. Donna Karan Moving On. It’s Our Non-TV Story of the Day

“In a major shift for American fashion, Donna Karan,...   (NY Times; WWD)

ABC’s Evening News Program Does Something It Hasn’t Done in Eight Years

ABC’s news division is celebrating an achievement for its...   (TVWeek)

Lester Holt Era Off to a Good Start for ‘NBC Nightly News’

With Lester Holt officially installed as the permanent host...   (LA Times, TVWeek)

Study Uncovers Side Effects From TV Binging

A new study sheds light on some side effects...   (MediaPost)

Survey: One TV Personality Influenced Views on Gay Rights More Than Any Other Public Figure

The celebrity who did more than any other public...   (Variety)

One of the Queens of Reality TV Bows Out: ‘I Feel a Weight Has Been Lifted’

One of the big stars of reality TV is...   (People)

Drummer for Major Rock Band Jailed, Charged With Rape

The drummer for one of the most successful rock...   (TMZ)

Video of NFL Defender Crushing a Stage Crasher at Rock Concert Becomes a Viral Hit — Here’s the Clip

A video showing a crushing tackle by NFL defensive...   (YouTube)

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Media Buyer of the Year

TVWeek names its Media Buyer of the Year. It's Christine Merrifield. She's President, Investment, Activation and Operations for MediaVest USA. Though she has a traditional media background, Merrifield has been on the leading edge of media dealmaking in the digital arena as she partners companies such as Google with MediaVest's blue-chip lineup of clients, from Honda to Walmart to Coke. She helps shepherd billions of dollars in media spending. If you CLICK ON THE PICTURE above you'll be taken to the interview.